About Edwin

Edwin Balaciu

Born in 1989, which was one of the greatest years in recent modern times because the following big changes happened in this year:

  • The Berlin wall was torn down
  • GPS was developed and published
  • The first Batman movie was shown in the cinema
  • The internet as we know it today was published
  • The Simpsons were published on TV
  • The terror of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu ended
  • A fatwa was spoken out against Salman Rushdie because of his book "The Satanic Verses"

Well, and then obviously I was born on valentines day in this magic year of changes :)
So to say: Change is my birthstar


There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.

Ernest Hemingway

My Vision

End mortality caused by hunger

My projects

The story

I am writing to reach out emotionally to people and share my experience to help them find their way in life

The shop

I am manufacturing my own biodegredable products to grow my own business

The job

I am working in a normal job to secure my own wealth. I can't help anyone if I am poor.


I run several projects with the intention of generating as much revenue as possible to end hunger through mortality.

I do this through two approaches:
* Fighting hunger in the short term through donations
* Fighting hunger in the long term through education

Mortality through hunger is caused by lack of education. People can only survive if they have a certain amount of information to contribute to a stable system that benefits everyone within that system and other systems. In order to do this, however, the individual must first and foremost know how to get food or produce food themselves, otherwise starvation will occur.

Depending on what source you find, the numbers vary on how many people die of starvation per year. Regardless of how many actually die of starvation per year, we can still say that millions of people around the world die of starvation per year.

To me, that means first and foremost helping to reduce that number by donating food. However, this is only a short-term solution, because as soon as these donations disappear, the number of deaths from hunger will rise again. To counteract this, this problem must be tackled in a second phase, with the help of education. Because only when a person knows how to earn money and/or how to procure food can he himself provide for himself and his neighbors without external influences.

Why donating?

Why do I donate instead of helping directly on the ground where the help is most needed?

If I were to invest my time to help directly on the ground, I would choose a model that helps only a few people. Of course, it takes people to help on the ground to hand out food or provide education.

However, I consciously choose an approach where I can make the biggest impact possible. To achieve this, I run my projects to draw attention to it and on the other hand I generate money to be able to give it further. Because a 1 € in a developed country like Germany for such donations does not have as big an effect as it would have in a needy country.
We benefit as humans when wealth is distributed. Any system that interacts with another benefits from their strengths. If there are no such strengths, no system can benefit from synergies.

I am donating 5 % of my job income (ShareTheMeal, Unicef, Grundeinkommen) and 10% of my sidebusiness revenue to help end the global hunger with ShareTheMeal. You don't believe me? Then check out my donation receipt for ShareTheMeal:
Donation Receipt Edwin Balaciu


My personal super powers are analytical thinking, strong communication talent, striving for more by learning and listening and my wish to work together with people.

Since my 15th birthday I am regularly contributing to the financial status of my family. By having a variety of different jobs during my studying and school time I’ve learned a lot about what it means to carry duty, how to working independently and to take initiatives. There were times in which I had simultaneously 3 jobs while I was studying to help my parents out with money and to pay the costs of my study and living.

This time helped me out a lot to learn how to use time efficiently and to set priorities in an environment were there is no “done and relax”.
Thanks to the vast number of people I met during all this jobs and with which I was working together, I’ve trained my communication skills, got a solid mind of what team play means and learned a lot about the human gestures and emotions.

Since my parents and me fled from revolution and its after effects in Romania and immigrated to Germany, I was used to play and get friends with kids from various different nations. I still love an international environment and enjoy the colourful and demanding way of working which enriches my personal and professional live so much.

The combination of all this characteristics and experiences helped me always out to be welcome by the team and accepted as a very loyal, reliable and strong team member who always contributes to team achievements and like to increase efficiency. Because of my positive energy, honesty and loyalty people always liked me in a natural way.


During my study of Economics/IT, my work as an Assistant Product Manager and Software Quality Assurance Manager, I’ve gained a lot of insights in the digital world and agile environments by learning a lot about coding principles, algorithm & data structures, databases, distributed systems, network systems, tracking, and many more. This helped me to evolve a logical, analytical and open mindset.

Most of my career I was focusing on learning how to build successful products by learning what success means and how to make it tangible. I was learning a lot about Analytics, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, SCRUM & being a SCRUM Master, OKRs, Online Marketing, UX/UI Design, User Research, Software Quality Assurance, Conducting Workshops, and used over 50 different third party tools to create content by myself or together with the team (By content I mean UI designs, online surveys, marketing campaigns, user stories etc.). These innovation & agile frameworks are not a guaranty for success but good tools to gain a certain way of thinking which includes the following learnings:

• Don't just build things for the sake of building - Define success and track it
• The team spirit & motivation is much more important than the choice of the framework
• C-level needs to fully support & understand the digital ways to make success possible
• Use meetings to create content & action points. Do not to just exchange opinions
• Small teams can & do outperform big teams by far
• Never assume what the customer wants, validate it and proof it with real data!

Successful products are made with discipline, critical thinking, teamwork, high motivation, innovator spirit, self reflexion and THEN at last expert knowledge. Putting expert knowledge on the first place will result in a very slow and paralysed culture because experts "do know better" instead of just trying out things and learn on the go they will keep discussing endlessly without producing any results.

360° Videos about me

I've created three 360° Videos which I divided in three topics:


Plot Twist


Are you ready for a plot twist?

I have been a vampire the entire time :)

Born in Romania which is the most magical place on earth and still full of myths, compassion, love, darkness and dreamers. I have used the best of my skills to grow each day a better vampire than the day before.