CV Edwin

Noventi Digital

Product Owner @ Roadsurfer

2 Years - July 2020 - June 2022

Requirements Engineering, Scrum Master, User Research (Internal Back Office Users), User Story Writing, UI Design, Software Quality Assurance, Confluence Documentation and Administration, First Level Supporrt

Noventi Digital

Product Manager/Product Owner @ Freelancer

10 Months - October 2019 - July 2020

Consulting and Content Creation for following topics: Software Quality Assurance, User Experience & UI Design, Scrum Master, User Research, User Story Writing, KPI Tracking Definition & Implementation OKRs and Lean Startup.

Noventi Digital

Product Manager @ Noventi Digital

11 Months - September 2018 - July 2019 • 11 Months
Founded February 2017 (Only 1 employee left in August 2019)

Problem Interviews (B2B + B2C), Usability Testing (B2B + B2C), Crowd Testing, User Stories writing, SCRUM Master, UI/UX Design, Priorisation and Organisation JIRA Backlog, SCRUM Meeting Organisation and execution for meetings like Groomings, Plannings, Retrospectives etc., Confluence Documentation and Administration, GAP Analysis, Workshop Faciliator, Change Management, Business Modelling and Value Proposition Design

Langenscheidt Digital

Product Manager @ Langenscheidt Digital

1 Year 4 Months - May 2017 - August 2018 • 1 Year 4 Months
Founded June 2017 (Only 2 employees left in November 2018) and the brand Langenscheidt completely got sold to PONS. No employee will be further employed

Prototyping for product validation with several Tools like Sketch, Unbounce, Webflow, InVision etc. Business modelling with Business Model Canvas and defining Value Propositions of products. Conducting User Interviews/Usability tests to collect qualitative data. Setting up experiments with hypothesis to validate, success criterias and analysing their success afterwards. Teaching agile methods, agile frameworks and sharing insights/learnings about experiments with colleagues in workshops. Setting up IT infrastructure eg. setting up routers and phones in office, hosting own Confluence and JIRA instances on AWS and connecting all devices with cables.


Junior Product Manager @ Vitafy

1 Year 1 Month - April 2016 - April 2017 • 1 Year 1 Month
Founded 2013 (Laid off 30 people in March 2017 and another 20 over the next couple of months)

Organising sprint plannings, retrospectives, groomings and estimations. Writing user stories in JIRA, prioritising stories and collecting requirements/acceptance criteria of other departments to help them how to write proper user stories. Preparing the backlog and reviewing user stories of product teamand other departments as well. Setting up A/B Tests, mockups, launching new features and tools for the online shop and analysing their success viaAnalytics.


Software QA Manager Mobile Apps @ intive

Formerly known as Kupferwerk

6 Months - October 2015 - March 2016 • 6 Months

Test Manager for Audi, Volkswagen and Lotto Mobile Apps. Writing, executing and organising test cases in JIRA with Plugin ZEPHYR. OrganisingRegression- and Release tests by organising testers and test engineers. Writing bugs, assigning them to developers and retesting them manually or with tools like Charles. Working together with devs to understand how the apps were coded and to know which parts I have to test more intensively.


Junior SQA Manager + Assistant PM @ Omniga

2 Years 2 Months - August 2013 - September 2015 • 2 Years 3 Months

Junior SQA Manager - Writing, executing and organising test cases in test suites with BugZilla for the following products:, Usenext amd Spyoff VPN. Writing automated test cases with JAVA and Selenium. Reporting bugs in tools like Redmine. Writing bugs, assigning them to developers and testing them.

Assistant Product Manager - Setting up A/B Tests, analysing quantitative data about user with Google Analytics and cube databases. Collecting ideas for new features and doing mockups to present it to my bosses. Setting up and sending campaigns for EMail marketing. Taking care of DMCA violation inquiries and deleting copyright violating content from Usenet.

Edwin Balaciu - Professionality in Numbers

Product Management

Years of experience in a professional position


Products I worked on


Overall Colleagues I met and worked with


Workshops, Presentations & Meetings conducted by me

Product Management

User stories I wrote, tested and were in "Defintion of Done"


Bugs found & test cases written


Views & Symbols designed in Sketch including grid & spacing


User Interviews organised, conducted & used as input for product developm.

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OTH Regensburg

OTH Regensburg - B. Sc. Business Informatics

2012 - 2015 • 3 Years

Studied intensively topics like:

  • Distributed System
  • Coding Principles with Java and C++
  • Data & Algorithm
  • Network Technology
  • IT Security
  • SAP + ABAP
  • Databases
  • IT Architecture
  • And many more IT related topics

Jobs during School/University

  • Sous-Chef in a 4 star hotel
  • Stage constructor for a German band: "Fantastischen Vier"
  • Cashier in 3 different gas stations
  • Civil service in 2 hospitals for patient transportation
  • Meal delivery, janitor/garbage service in a christian hospital
  • Intern in german tax office
  • Intern in a lawyers office
  • Intern in a private tax office
  • Selling goods on a funfair
  • University computer lab service