Product Development

Any story or bug which is created has to go through different stages to make sure we are developing viable products which people need. Therefore any idea or story should contain these informations:

Qualitative Data

Did we talk to any real user by doing usability testing or conducting problem interviews?


Do we have any data based on real user behaviour from a tracking? How many customers are affected?


Does the story generate any business or customer value? What are the value propositions?

Product development process


Discovery means any story which is going to be build should have some data behind. Either there is qualitative data or quantitative data based on real customers. Problems have to be identified. Don’t think about a solution yet.


In this state the story is crafted. Acceptance Criteria, Designs, Mockups or just simply analog sketching to define how the story/solution should look like. Also the success criteria and hypothesis are defined.


This can be either done by working with prototyping tools like Sketch, Mobile App Builders like Shoutem, Websitebuilders like webflow or maybe just using other third party tools like Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Typeform etc. to develop a prototype or even an entire MVP.
This state could also include the typical SCRUM development process going through this stages: Grooming, Ready for Sprint, In Progress, Under Review, Tested, Done.

Measure & Learn

In this state the earlier defined success criteria will be analysed. Did we accomplish to hit the success criteria or did we fail to accomplish it? If we failed, what should we change? PIVOT, PRESERVE OR KILL?

When the state "Measure & Learn" is finished, then start all over again with "Discovery". This is an endless but very satisfying journey :)

Requirements for an user story

This content for user stories I can provide myself and should be contained within an user story:

Acceptance Criteria
Acceptance Criteria

The story needs acceptance criteria which are describing in detail how exactly the UX and UI should behave.


The story needs an exact design which contains spacing, visual grid and design assets.

How does it add value?
How does it add value?

It should be clearly described in one or maximum two sentences how and to whom this story provides value.

Data & Hypothesis
Data & Hypothesis

Based on which data and hypothesis is this story going to be developed. Did any customer ever showed any interest into having such a solution?

My portfolio

If you want to see some real life examples of this theory mentioned above, feel free to check on my portfolio. There you'll find many things like business model canvas, value proposition canvas, prototypes build by myself, user interview scripts, Personas, testimonials about me, etc. etc.